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We provide high school & college students with the necessary resources as they transition to higher education.

Here is what we offer to participating students:


College Warming
Brooklyn, NY and Greensboro, NC

A send off from your city to your HBCU of choice, making the transition out-of-state seamless and exciting. Details for 2024 coming soon!

  • Connect with other graduating seniors in your city who may also be attending your HBCU choice.

  • Connect with Alumni from your HBCU who currently live  or work in your city.

  • Get connected with a former College Warming attendee who can provide you with updated information on things to do, places to go, and checkups to make sure you're adjusting well to college life.

  • Discuss ways to prepare for move-in day and finding your classes before they start.


Workshops will include: 

How to combat homesickness.

  • Make homesick kits to include pictures, food, and different trinkets that remind you of home.

Freshman Fifteen

  • Healthy Dorm room eating habits.


HBCU Culture Experience

To expose high school juniors to the culture at an HBCU through a  college tour: July 10 - July 13, 2024

  • Help students in New York learn about HBCU’s.

  • Exposing students to the culture on an HBCU campus.

  • Learn how to apply for scholarships.

  • Learn about the credits and courses needed to qualify.

  • Learn how to apply for in-state tuition.

College & University Support

Mentorship and shadowing opportunities for college students in order to help tailor their career path. We will help them see the bigger picture with their career choice and educate them on traditional and non-traditional routes that can be taken within their career.


  • Connecting freshman with upperclassmen in their major in order to help them navigate through their courses.


  • How to professionally communicate to your professor in an email.

  • How to take notes in class.

  • Salary negotiation.

  • Mental Health.

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